Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Our services include:


-Title Transfers with Plates, and temp Registrations!


-Registration Renewal assistance


-Replacement Plates, Stickers, and Owner's Card


-Plate transfers


-Duplicate Titles




-Title Transfers with Plates, Stickers, and Owner's Card issued on the spot!


-Registration Renewals issued on the spot!


-Replacement Plates, Stickers, and Owner's Card issued on the spot!


-In Transit Tags



PA DOT - Fee Schedule *Subject to change with State Regulations The following Prices do not include TAX on purchase price of the vehicle.  Tax to be calculated (based on the county in which YOU live) and added to the below listed TOTAL fee.


Type of Transaction                 PA DOT FEE      Agent Service Fee        Total Fee






Title Transfer only                    $50.00                    $40.00                         $90.00



Transfer Title/                           $50.00                    $65.00                         $115.00

Issue NEW plate



Transfer Reg. Plate                  $9.00                      $40.00                         $49.00

Same Owner



Transfer Reg. Plate, Same      $9.00                      $40.00                         $49.00

Owner, upgrade Plate              + Upgrade                                                  + Upgrade



Request Duplicate Title            $50.00                    $12.00                         $62.00



Correction of Title                     $50.00                   $12.00                         $62.00

(If Not a BMV error)



Registration, Renew                 Passenger             $12.00                         $48.00

Registration or Issue                $36.00

New Plate


Truck- see MV-70s                    M/C                       $12.00                         $30.00



Replace Registration Card       $4.50                     $12.50                          $17.00


Replace Registration Plate      $11.00                   $12.00                           $23.00


Replacemnet of Renewal        $4.50                      $12.50                          $17.00



Duplicate Non- Commercial     Class C                  $12.50                         $42.00

Drivers License                        $29.50


                                                 Class C+M             $12.50                         $62.00




Change address on                  No Fee                  $12.00                         $12.00


Vehicle Registration or Drivers License

What should you bring with you?


   -Pennsylvania State ID for both the buyer and seller of the vehicle


    -Proof of Insurance (if a plate is being issued or transferred)


    -Odometer reading for the vehicle being transferred


    -State Fees and Agent Fees (varies depending on service)


    -Sales Tax (6%, 7% or 8% of the purchase price of the vehicle, depending on the COUNTY in which YOU LIVE)


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